Residual & Timeless

by Statuette

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Marcus Lee
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Marcus Lee so intense and instrumentals go so well with the heavy screamer, love the quick transitions too!
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Released Winter of 2012 under Never Lost Records

Statuette is:

Elliot Gonzalez - Vocals
Landon Lewis - Guitar
Connor Schiezz - Guitar
Blake Given - Bass
Blake Wright - Drums


released November 22, 2012

Residual & Timeless was recorded by Wade Oliver at Wade's World Studios, and masted by Tyler Bradley (My Fictions) at Triumph Studios. Artwork by Eric at Never Lost Records.



all rights reserved


Statuette Austin, Texas

Statuette is a post-hardcore band from Austin, Tx featuring previous members of many local bands. Statuette's debut E.p. "Losing Roots" was released in early 2012, with their second release "Residual & Timeless" following in Winter of 2012 on Never Lost Records. ... more

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Track Name: Colour My Insides
Its time for you to take the fall
We couldn't out-run fate this time
This age brings us to wonder

I'm done wasting all of my time
Leaving you in the dirt, with all your cries
All your pity and all your suffering
how does it feel?
It's better to walk away with my heart in my chest
It's better to walk away with the violence between us
We lay in the bed our bodies collide
But the question still lingers how much time is on our side
The denial is overwhelming the pain is consuming
We keep on breathing, we keep on lying
I've fail to live up to your expectations
I must confess I gave into temptations
It's the same old story
keep dragging me down
We can't stop running backwards
It's entirely fucked
We've made this dead end path for ourselves
just stop wasting our time
Why can't you get it though your head
it's all a bad joke
Feeling jaded and frustrated
Words are better left unsaid
How long will it take for the skin to crack and break
We can't stop believing in something that's already fake
The illusion is clearly seen
You see nothing but a fiend in me
The ground is shrinking thin
You can't stop walls from closing in.
Track Name: Lucid Inexpression
I'm taking comfort in this new breath of life
relieving this tension ( all this time i was dead inside )
You're preaching and singing to the choir again
stare straight at the pavement the worst of you is breaking in

It's just gray shade hanging over my head
floating lucidly above the white sand
I've given up in humanity
you gave up all the hope that you had in me
The sick paranoia I've instilled in myself
I've wished you the worst in your well being
The twists and the turns this bed is fucking sinking
I kept telling myself that something's missing
I'm sicking of coming short in the end
my consciousness is tearing me apart
These haunting memories and self strained enigmas
I keep hearing an echo in my head
I'm taking the abuse, your words hung me dead
You close your eyes on me
we break away, our swan song decays
My legs gave in chasing this mystery
The bottom line, you left the worst in me
Feeling sightless
Feeling night less
Always day less

When I wake up with your taste in my mouth
you're not welcome anymore
It's just gray shade hanging over my head
floating lucidly above the white sand
I've given up in humanity
you gave up all the hope that you had in me
( Always. Together. Apart. Forever. )
Track Name: Former Fathers
Can you still hear my whispers though the winter silent gray air
Your frames are collecting dust on the walls
chasing shadows in the dark
Guilty pressure, it pulled you under

You escape the bad dream that is called life
but i feel you in my skin
I can see those empty green eyes staring back at me
the devil's grip holds you tight
The heavy thoughts weigh you down
the questions make less sense every day
Your words were cut short
you crack your bones and shed your skin

Your time was cut short you welcome death at your door step
your only son was staring at your blank face
The glaze of empathy and lost of hope
you were sick of everybody's mistakes
The knots twist in your stomach
It hung your head hanging in the daylight
the broken shield, embrace your skin
( This sick obsession, this mad disease, a recollection of you and me )

I can feel the noose around my neck
i feel the tension, the frustration
we lay your body to rest
Another friend gone, another day has passed
the only rhyme to reason, the seasons change to fast
And we're in this together and you know what they say
about birds of a feather
not a single soul is the same
Bleed the seeds of every vice
repeating the voices, the face of a coward
Stitching the seams over time
again and again
I hate this passion, i need the feeling
The subtle differences, in false wounds healing.